Varmint, Competition and Tactical Rifles

Evolution rifles are among the most accurate match grade firearms ever produced. Every rifle is created with the most advanced Bench Rest science known to man. All barrels are Ultra Match grade, single point cut, air gauged masterpieces. Every part and component is fully trued and blue printed like a fine race car. The Phantom series is named after the extremely deadly F4 Phantom Jet of the Vietnam era.

The Phantom - A sniper style rifle that was originally designed for the McMillan A5 stock.  It usually is ordered in the 10 to 12 pound range but can be built heavier.

Phantom II
Phantom II

Phantom II - This rifle usually weighs in between 12 and 30 pounds depending on preference and is usually produced in either high velocity standard, or magnum calibers. This is the type and weight of rifle that is used in the under 15 pound category of 1,000 yard competition and is usually produced with a competition style stock.

The Phantom III - This is a very large version of the Phantom II. It is created with all the same long range components but is scaled up in mega proportions in order to accommodate the .50 BMG cartridge.  It usually weighs in at 29 pounds but can be built heavier. This is called by some the SEAL contour.


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